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      • Position name:Leasing Manager
        Education:Bachelor degree or above
        Working place:Guangzhou

        Job requirements:

        1 、 Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or real estate;
        2, more than five years of large-scale property, shopping malls or professional market investment experience;
        3 、 strong sense of market observation, good communication skills and Negotiation skills;
        4, familiar with investment, economic contracts signed, have complete business projects Business experience.
      • Position name:Planning Specialist
        Education:College Degree
        Working place:Guangzhou

        Job requirements:

        1 、 college degree or above, love the real estate business, familiar with the real estate policy Workflow;
        2, with real estate marketing planning, brand promotion analysis, implementation Ability, good public relations and media relations;
        3, the writing skills and creative ability, have news, brand planning can Power;
        4 、 skilled use of Photoshop and other design software;
        5 、 good team spirit, innovative thinking, sense of responsibility.
      • Position name:Cleaner
        Education:high school or above
        Working place:Guangzhou

        Job requirements:

        1 、 junior high school or above, 18-45 years old;
        2, good health, obedience to management, strong sense of responsibility, the same gang related work Give priority to.

      We provide you with:
      1、Comfortable and comfortable working environment;
      2、Training opportunities for promotion;
      3、Belongs to R & F real estate company, promotion chance for the employee;
      4、We provide 5 kinds of Social insurance, including medical, maternity, injury, unemployment & retired insurance,housing fund;
      6、7.5 working hours per day, 22 working days per month..

      Work location:Shiling(international) Leather City, West, Shiling Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou
      Contact information:86-20-66831998-Transfer to HR department /13622229252

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