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      Advertising service/
      Introduction of :LED Advertising Screen:
      Leather city large LED advertising screen located in Shiling Avenue and BaoFeng Road intersection, wide vision and without any obstructions. Shiling Avenue and BaoFeng road intersection cross is the importantway which leading to the Huadu Xinhua town and Guangzhou. As the firsttransportation hub in Shiling Twon, more than 150 thousands vehicles (the 9 - 8 p.m.) will pass this way daily, about 600 thousand people per day. Traffic lights at the intersection makes the traffic flow time longer. Besides, there are many bus operate betweenXinhua Town and Guangzhou.
      Advertising advantages:
      1、Large visitor flow all around the leather market;
      2、High-end consumer groups, high consumption capacity which makes the remarkable effect for the advertising cooperation;
      3、Complete shops and office service in the market, there are banks, passenger transportation, large warehouses supporting, network information platform, International Convention and Exhibition Center, large electronic screen, catering and other facilities.
      • The advertisement can be adjusted according to the customer's request.7 X 24 hours play times from business peak hour to wonderful nightlife.
      • Strong visual impact, non-optional information to the visitors and vehicles.
      • High-definition LED screen show you the large picture and great video display, strong and dynamic color give you a strong impact and shock.
      • High frequencybroadcast and Rolling display of advertising, from 9am to 8pmfor 7 days, to showyour business information repeatedly , highly boost the advertising audience rate, can make your product to be more perfectlyand completely display.
      • LED Advertising coverage: real estate, finance, insurance, automobiles, home appliances, stores, clothing, catering, entertainment, performing arts, media, building materials, Information and Technology, communications and other industries.
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